Dancing Dog (hilarious) [New]

Machineguns on the shopping network

Steel Animals

God is a DJ (live)

Paper Art

Crazy Bus Advertising

Coolest Santa Ever! (a must see)

Holy Shit it's Christmas (hilarious song/animation)

Happy Christmas Song

This winters game thingy (Line Rider Reloaded)

Santa's gonna kick your ass!

Crazy Frog - Last Christmas

Funny Xmas song/animation thingy

Old school Zelda a bit modernized (had some fun with this adventure game / quest)

We all are just a bunch of monkeys! (dance monkeys, dance!)

Those crazy Japanese and their tv shows (9 min video)

Addictive Halloween game

USA Geography Game (if you want to feel stupid)

The Hell Test

Crazy Cat

A big black guy named Ben

Don't do it!

Where is that State? (USA game)

Weird addictive tune (got stuck in my head)

People are "upgrading" their bodies (some sick controversial stuff)

Food Art

The Back Alley Alcohol Game (boys only;)

Make a Smiley

Out for a walk to let the steam out

Mortal Kombat Parody

How cigarettes will kill you ;)

Crazy Japanese game (addictive)

The real George Bush (see trough the mask)

Only for Family Guy fans (hear Stevie do his thing)

Sick Christmas Song for you and your friends (Merry Christmas everybody)

Best game ever [HOT]

Bunny Suicides - sick and super funny

Pong Wars - remember the old school pong game? watch this cool clip

Another song: this time it's a dog missing someone (cute as well if you miss someone)

Arnold delivers Pizza in a very particular funny way (you have to hear this one)

A bug singing about bugging > pretty cute

This guy is really annoyed by mouse cursors

This stupid laughing cat is the most annoying thing in the world

Spank The Monkey

Stick Wars - Star Wars Episode III Revenge of the Sith parody - super funny

Secret celebrity pictures exposed -:)

Sobics - an average flash game - Warning! It is highly addictive

A black search engine that talks back - Hip Hop style

Stupid stuff you do when you get wasted

I wish my girlfriend could do that - Incredible and hypnotising

Singing horses

Stupid phone prank - Indian style: you kick dog (funny language)

Do her gently - The devil`s love story song (super funny)

What men want aka The bang bang bang song

Yeti sports penguin game parody - more blood more fun > just sick

Can`t stand that Crazy Frog anymore? Here`s your chance to make it even (Crazy Frog Revenge)

Surprise gift box

Sweetest Frog - positive clip (Have a good day style)

Just 69

Desktop Icon Wars

Xiao Xiao - Kung Fu fighting sticks - The complete collection

Shake that ass - clip

Where is that country? (Europe)

Stupid karaoke Bird

How to hypnotize men

Chain letters > super funny


 A new clip tomorrow....


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